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A country where all citizens enjoy optimum health, free from preventable illness, stigma, disability, morbidity and mortality due to NCDs.


To unite and strengthen Civil Society to collaborate in the prevention and control of NCDs by advocating healthy life styles through Health Promotion.

Non Communicable Diseases [NCDs] such as Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiovascular Diseases, Chronic Respiratory disease,chest, Cancer have been on rise in Sri Lanka and has become the leading cause of mortality, morbidity and disability with In 2012, 65% -75% of in-patient deaths in the country attributed to re due to NCDs. 18% of these deaths are premature in persons under 70 years of age. To address this problem, we need a whole of government, whole of private sector and civil society co-operation to effectively promote good health in the nation through Health Promotion.

In keeping with the Global Action Plan, Sri Lanka established the NCD Alliances Lanka which is a network of national NGOs, scientific and professional associations, academic and research institutions, civil society groups, private sector entities, and dedicated individuals. NCD Alliance Lanka is marked by its registration as a Company by Guarantee according to the Companies Act, No.7 of 2007 by the Registrar General of Companies in Sri Lanka with effect from 14 July 2016. It thus fulfils the legal requirement for the NCD Alliance Lanka to undertake and carry out the activities or enter into any transaction in respect to its objectives.

By working together with a wide range of partners with common interest, the NCD Alliance Lanka will bring one voice to the campaign for addressing NCD risk factors, improving the lives of people living with and at risk of the development of NCDs to work towards a nation free of NCDs through which is a working strategy for addressing health issues in the present socio economic context. Effective prevention and control of NCDs will ensure reduction of the healthcare expenditure of the government. Thus saving the government of funds spent in this direction which can be more productively utilized for prevention through health promotion. A leadership coalition and an autonomous entity of the Civil Society Organizations such as NCD Alliance Lanka with the support of the Government of Sri Lanka and the World Health Organization will provide a mechanism for co-ordination and will improve the quality of health promotion efforts.